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A solution for organizations to fundraise with better products and reach more people

Broaden Your Brand And Audience In A Few Clicks

Are you tired of fundraising with the same boring products like popcorn, magazines, candy, and fancy dinner events? Do you get a headache when you think of the tedious management associated with fundraising like money collection and product distribution? Don’t you wish you could reach more people in your fundraiser without having numerous personal conversations? FundRaiseMePlease is the solution for you! Our company offers a unique product that excites your supporters and enables your organization to begin fundraising immediately. You have the ability to send your audience a link to your products and payment to reduce personal interactions and increase sales. When it’s all said and done, our company collects the money, manages the distribution, and sends you the check!

A solution for fundraising organizations, individuals, and short term projects

Small Organizations Need Our Solution and We Are Eager To Help

Do you have products that you want to sell but don’t want to invest in website development? Does your company offer fundraising opportunities and looking for an enterprise solution to manage website links with each organization that you partner with? 

FundRaiseMePlease empowers you or your organization to upload a website and have the ability to start selling your own products within minutes at a fraction of the cost!

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